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Tornado's tender outside DLW

£450,000 appeal launched to fund the tender for Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive as order placed for construction of the tender tank.

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A Strange Load
On 1st October 1966 a pair of metre-gauge Peckett 0-6-0STs continue our recent theme of "twin" engines are seen on Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals former ironworks system near Wellingborough with a heavily-laden train of ore wagons. Closer examination proves the "load" to be an enthusiasts' group who are riding in open chaldron-type wagons across the main road and then out of the quarry during the last days of steam. The locomotives are S&L numbers 85 (Peckett 1870 of 1934) and 87 (Peckett 2029 of 1942), and both would be preserved. Login to read more

Latest from the Unseen archive

LMS “Black 5” no. 45212 was an early arrival on the nascent Keighley & Worth Valley preservation group's branch line to Oxenhope in Bronte Country and is the power for this trip up the line in 1968.
Sometime in 1968 (the actual date was not recorded) Andrew Barclay-built fireless steam locomotive no. S/11 is seen “in steam” at the Reed Paper Group's Empire Paper Mills at Greenhithe in Kent
An 0-4-0 saddle tank was still in use in 1968 on the Storefield Mines industrial system near Middlesborough, part of the South Durham Steel & Iron Corporation's vast complex on Teesside.

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Our Archive Heritage 05
In this month's issue, the team at Steam Railway Magazine have written a review for our most recently released feature-length DVD, Our Archive Heritage 05. Read the review here!