Corris Railway making movements in 2019

Corris Railway
Corris Railway moves forward after highly successful 2018 season
Published Tue, 2019-01-15 10:52

The Corris Railway completed its 2018 operating season with its best ever, in terms of numbers of passengers carried, Santa Trains operation.




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Over the two days December 8th and 9th 308 visitors enjoyed their train journey along the Dulas Valley and visit to Santa in the carriage shed grotto at Maespoeth Junction. Unfortunately the Corris’ steam locomotive Number 7 failed with a valve gear problem on the Saturday and its place was taken by diesel Number 11.

Progress on the CR’s new steam locomotive, “Falcon” Number 10, continues at the workshops of Alan Keef Ltd at Ross-on-Wye. Following the plan to employ the remaining original cab components from Corris Number 3 as patterns for the construction of the cab for the new engine this process was indirectly taken forward with the delivery of driving wheel axlebox springs to Keef’s as once these are fitted final calculations as to the height of the cab can be made. More standing payment orders to help progress with Number 10 have been taken out (details regarding standing orders can be obtained from Peter Guest

As part of the improvements to the Museum at Corris station new display cabinets are being constructed by a volunteer and as regards the building of the new Corris station it is hoped that the existing wall between the station and adjacent footpath will be removed in the Spring and replaced by fencing. Stone from the wall will be used elsewhere on the Railway. The new point required for the new track layout at the station will be ordered and designs are being considered for the traverser which will allow locomotives to run round their trains after arrival at Corris.

On the carriage building front interior fitting out of Number 23 continues with progress on vestibule panels and seating plus the fitting of the wheelchair access door. Four bogies, two for 23 and the other pair for clerestory Number 24, whose internal skeleton is nearly complete, are being worked on. Covered accommodation for the Railway’s waggons, including those used for the demonstration gravity train runs on the first Sundays of each month and during Gala events, is in hand at Maespoeth Junction.

The 2019 Corris operating season begins at Easter.

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