Time nearly up for Bridgnorth station share scheme

Bridgnorth Station on the Severn Valley Railway
SVR hopes upcoming steam gala will help raise final £1million
Published Thu, 2017-09-21 12:52

The Severn Valley Railway launched its ambitious share scheme last November to raise funds towards the redevelopment of Bridgnorth Station, and have so far raised £1.5million. 




Bridgnorth Station on the Severn Valley Railway © Tanya Dedyukhina - creative commons licence
The railway needs around £2.5million to get the project off the ground - and with just over a month left before the scheme ends, SVR has high hopes that their upcoming Autumn Steam Gala will help raise the remaining £1million.

The popular season-finale event at the SVR is expected to bring in around 7000 visitors, and has been chosen as a springboard for the last month of the share offer to fund the biggest redevelopment project in the railway's history.

Bridgnorth station is considered to be the birthplace of the SVR with a rich history dating back to 1862. The infrastructure and facilities are in need of conservation and enhancement to cope with the volume of passengers visiting the railway. As well as the station restoration, the project will include a new 1900-style toilet building, changes to the pub, the relocation of a shop and the installation of a turntable in a locomotive yard.

People buying the shares won’t receive dividends but will get certain travel benefits on the railways - depending on how many shares they buy.