Cambrian Heritage Railways plan for Weston Wharf extension

Oswestry Railway Station - 1960
CHR awarded £120,000 grant from Oswestry Town Council for ambitious development plans
Published Tue, 2018-01-23 11:50

Cambrian Heritage Railways (CHR) have been awarded a £120,000 grant from Oswestry Town Council to help towards their development plans for a heritage railway section between the town centre station and Weston Wharf.




Oswestry Railway Station - 1960 © Ben Brooksbank - Creative Commons Licence

This grant is towards the capital costs of the CHR Weston Wharf extension project, the aim of which is to extend the existing running line from Gas Works Bridge to Weston Wharf. This would extend the passenger line to 1¾ miles long and connect Oswestry town centre to a station at Weston Wharf, which is adjacent to Stonehouse Brewery and their visitor centre.

CHR Chairman Rob Williams said “This is a significant grant for CHR and will play a vital part in seeing the passenger running line extended from Oswestry to Weston Wharf, a distance of 1¾ mile. Adjacent to our Weston goods shed is one of the local real ale brewery Stonehouse and their visitor centre. Clearly the combination of a heritage railway and a brewery at one end will be popular and bring significant visitor footfall to not only the railway but the town of Oswestry. This grant forms part of a package of funding, support and work to deliver what is phase 1 of our Heritage project.”

Town Mayor, Councillor Vince Hunt confirmed that “the Town Council is very keen to support this project to ensure it succeeds and to recognise the work of the Trustees and the members of Cambrian Heritage Railways Limited over many years. The project has significant potential economic and tourism benefits for Oswestry that makes it worthy of our investment. We recognise the hard work that has gone into developing the business case and the many volunteer hours given and the funding that has already been achieved. We also appreciate the support of Shropshire Council in their commitment to repair the bridge at Salop Road that is vital to this project.“

Mr Williams continued “We are extremely grateful for the support and vision of Oswestry Town Council in making this Grant. Although a significant sum, which should see a basic railway delivered, we are still looking for further funding and support to enhance and develop the final product. The Oswestry to Weston project is what we see as phase 1, the ultimate goal with the Heritage project is to extend further and link up with our other site at Llynclys South.

Anyone interested in getting involved our supporting in any way is asked to get in contact with us via our website; or facebook page;

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