South Devon Railway's new carriage shed takes shape

South Devon Railway's new carriage shed takes shape
South Devon heritage railway plans major forthcoming development
Published Fri, 2017-07-21 12:59

The South Devon Railway has been busy working on the site and has major development plans - such as its rolling stock conservation centre as well as the installation of new sidings.




South Devon Railway's new carriage shed takes shape © SDR

The new carriage shed structure is nearly completed and now only needs ridge cladding and drainage to be installed. The completion date is expected to be the end of July, but the railway will have to realign some of its track within the carriage shed before being fully finished. The track laying is not dependent on rebuilding the north crossing and will be re-laid more or less on the original alignment. This will give the track the required minimum clearances by the simple expedient of straightening up the head-shunt, so there should not be anything holding up bringing the storage building into use once completed.   

Volunteers have been working hard on these new developments, where the grounds adjacent to the new siding connection have been reinstated and new gates installed across the connection too.

The SDR are now preparing a planning application for their next major phase of work which is for the construction of the Restoration Building and revised landscaping proposals to reconfigure storage areas. With an estimate cost figure of £750,000 the railway will be planning some major fundraising in the near future, once its planning consent has been obtained.

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