Restored Aberdeen turntable back in action

Turntable column installation
Turntable installed at Ferryhill after 18 month restoration project
Published Fri, 2018-04-27 14:24

An Aberdeen railway turntable made in 1906 has been reinstalled at Ferryhill after undergoing a lengthy restoration process. 




Turntable column installation © Ferryhill Railway Heritage Trust

The 112-year old turntable, which was removed back in September 2016 and repaired in Kintore, has had an £86,000 revamp after a initial inspection revealed that major parts of the turntable had suffered irreversible damage meaning one third of both ends had to be replaced. 

The project was undertaken by the Ferryhill Railway Heritage Trust which hopes that the work carried out will bring steam trains to the area by allowing them to turn for return journeys.

The trust is hoping to see steam trains using the turntable by early 2019 with plans to run up to four services next year, which would also help attract tourists to Aberdeen in the future.

This would be the first time the facility has had the capacity to accept charter steam trains for over 40 years.

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