The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard Season 2

Paul Middleton, Chris price, Kieran Murray
Filming starts for the second season of The Yorkshire Steam Railway documentary series
Published Mon, 2018-07-16 12:03

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) has announced that filming has started for ‘The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard’ television programme which has been commissioned for a second series.




Paul Middleton, Chris price, Kieran Murray © NYMR

Last March the programme reached over 3.5 million, over three episodes, with 1.5 million viewers tuning in to episode 1 and again over a million in episode 2. Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd (DSP) will be returning to the railway to produce series two, which will include the railways favourite characters, major events, every day running and everything in between.

Chris Price, General Manager at NYMR, said: “The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is currently having an exceptionally busy season and we are pleased to announce that we are 13% up compared with last year. The increase in passengers travelling along the line has been a combination of the television programme and the recent great weather. This is great news as the railway is a not for profit charity and every passenger that travels along the line is helping to preserve the railway for future generations to enjoy.”

Filming started on Friday 13th July for series two, which will include six episodes for Channel 5, and will be airing in 2019.

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