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Here the fireman of Gresley ‘A4’ No 60009 Union of South Africa is piling on the coal as the engine attacks the rising grades through Hitchin up to Stevenage on 8 September 1951. © Ben Brooksbank- Creative Commons License
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Britain of the early 1930s was a depressing place; the economy had deteriorated since the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and many of the traditional staple industries were struggling to survive. Railways were not immune from this but there were glimmers of hope — most notably in the development of high-profile streamlined services, most notably in Germany.
Nigel Gresley had experienced the success of the new ‘Flying Hamburger’ services in Germany during a visit in 1933 and he believed that... more

Class 67 No 67002 failed at Hereford on 14 July 2015. The service from South Wales was terminated here as a result of a broken windscreen wiper, leaving passenger to catch the next available service to the north.

Nearly 40 years on from Sir Peter’s comments, there is little doubt that the position of the...

LNER rebuilt Gresley 4-6-2 ‘A3’ class No 4472 Flying Scotsman at Steamtown Railway Museum at Carnforth

Few locomotives have had as adventurous a career as Flying Scotsman has had over the...