Bluebell update on new build loco No.32424 Beachy Head

Boiler out of Atlantic House
Boiler moves out of shed to prepare for hydraulic pressure test
Published Mon, 2018-09-10 14:50
According to an update on the Bluebell Railway website, the boiler has now moved out of the shed for final work to be carried out in preparation for its hydraulic pressure test. Due to lifting and space restrictions, workers were unable to finish work within Atlantic House. Outside contractors are supplying the rolled plates for the smokebox and the folded and flat parts required to make up the ashpan. The newly acquired free space in the workshop will enable work on these two items to continue inside.




Fred Bailey
The group have been able to work on the crinolines which will support the boiler cladding sheets. The current plan is to assemble these parts, along with the smokebox door and ashpan, to the boiler. The clothing sheets will be temporarily removed before a final hydraulic test is undertaken. Work is also progressing on piping up the locomotives tender chassis before the fitting of the tank and coal space. Final drawings for these are in hand, with the assembly being completed by an outside contractor. This is the first time the boiler has been outside since about 2006. All holes are blanked off and the safety valves fitted but gagged in readiness for its hydraulic test. A small amount of work still needs doing to seal some odd leaks prior to a hydraulic test. We'll keep you posted...